Chmod Permissions Tool App Reviews

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It’s a reference and nothing more than a few checkhoxes and likely javascript that calculated what to type after chmod to get what you want. Tool implies that this thing helps affects other files folders or applications in a beneficial way. This biece of crap doesn’t do anything for you. I really hate it when people waste time with this stuff. FIne, you can build it, nothing I can do to stop you but don’t put it on the app store.

Simple gui tool

This is a simple gui tool to view the permissions sytax used in command lines or scripting. It does not apply permissions changes but is useful if you are new to the this syntax. As you tick the various boxes, it shows the corresponding symbolic and octal permission notations for owner, group, and everyone.


Amazingly no explanation is provided and there is no way to associate a folder or file with the modification of the permissions. Something is missing

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